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Struts Notes by Nataraj Pdf

Struts Notes by Nataraj Pdf


Syllabus:Struts Notes by Nataraj Pdf

·         Introduction
o   Enterprise
o   Enterprise Application
o   System logical layers

·         Presentation layer
·         Business processing layer
·         Data Storage and access layer
o   System Architecture
·         1-tier Architecture
·         2-tier Architecture
·         n-tier Architecture
o   Types of EnterpriseApplications
·         Web Applications
·         Distribute Applications
o   WebApplication Models
·         Model1-Architecture
·         Model2-Architecture
o   MVC Architecture& its Rules & Regulations
o   FrameWork
·         Web Framework
·         Application Framework
o   Struts Framework History
·         Struts Flow of Execution
·         Struts Elements
o   View
o   ActionServlet
o   RequestProcessor
o   FormBean(ActionForm)
o   Action class
o   web.xml
o   Struts Configuration File
·         Struts Tag Library
o   Html Tag library
o   Bean Tag library
o   Logic Tag library
o   Nested Tag library
o   Tiles Tag library
·         DynaActionForm &       LazyDynaBean
·         Local Forwards & Global       Forwards

·         Client Side Validations
·         Programmatic Approach
·         Declarative Approach
·         (Validator Framework)
·         Server Side Validations
·         Programmatic Approach
·         Declarative Approach
·         (Validator Framework)
·         Internationalization(I18N)

·         I18N at Core level
·         NumberFormat
·         DateFormat
·         ResourceBundle
·         I18N at Weblevel(Server & Jsp)
·         JSTL format tags
·         I18N in Struts
·         Exception Handling in Struts

·         Programmatic Approach
·         Declarative Approach
·         Custom Exceptions in Struts
·         Customization on ExceptionHandler
·         Tiles Frame work

·         Built-in Actions in Struts

·         IncludeAction
·         ForwardAction
·         LocaleAction
·         DispatchAction
·         LookupDispatchAction
·         MappingDispatchAction
·         EventDispatchAction
·         SwitchAction
·         Struts 2.x

·         Diff b/w Struts 1.x and Struts 2.x
·         Struts 2.x Flow of Execution
·         Struts 2.X Elements
·         Steps to design Struts Appl. In 2.x version
·         Struts 2.x Tag library
·         Struts 2.x Application with Annotation
·         Struts 2.x Validations
·         Database:Oracle

·         Servers:Tomcat & Weblogic
·         IDE’s: MyEclipse, NetBeans

Satya Johnny Kaveti
Thank you guys, use it, Read it and Share it!!